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 Central Michigan University (Mt. Pleasant, MI)

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Michigan G Hunters

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PostSubject: Central Michigan University (Mt. Pleasant, MI)   Tue Sep 08, 2009 12:20 pm

"Cobb Hall 4th Floor, Many mysterious occurrences have been witnessed by residents. In the bathroom of room 404, two materials made of glass have fallen for no reason and broke into pieces. Also, the answering machine goes off unexplainably without following a ring and the tv automatically turns on. Also, in room 405, the shower has turned on unexplainably during the middle of the night. People say that things move and fall for no reason.
Warriner Hall, long ago there was a young actress who frequented Warriner Hall (CMU campus). Evidently at some performance or rehearsal...she was downstairs from a friend of hers and decided to call up to this friend using the Dumbwaiter shaft that had been out of commission for some time. As she leaned her head in, the dumbwaiter came crashing down and beheaded her! Since the incident, there have been a few sightings. A mysterious blue lighting accompanies her spirit, and she has never been seen by a crowd...generally she is seen by actors or stage hands working alone. She seems a bit of a prankster, dropping lights, or gels or ladders. December 2003 Addition or update: Some say it was a cleaning lady who died in the dumbwaiter and she was cleaning it out and people see her on the stage singing.
Beddow Hall, Reports of hearing footsteps on the floor above you. Only to follow them up to the roof. Also throughout the hall, things have come up missing but shown up in photographs, the elevator has opened and no one has been in it. A figure of a man has been seen by many desk workers on rounds during the night. Figures of a woman and a child have been seen too."


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Central Michigan University (Mt. Pleasant, MI)
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